Wambli Gleska ~

It has been my intention to write more but alas I’ve been in a creative fervor and supplying my flagship store ~ The Nambe Trading Post, as well as all the wonderful galleries that carry my work.  The outpouring of incredible clients collecting my work has humbled me and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your luv! It is so rewarding to know that what I put into my work, is returned with so much grace ~ For that I am deeply grateful.

This season I have created the works of my life thus far.  It started with the idea to do a large feather pendant… all hand fabricated with many layers of silver and soldering.  This pendant titled “Wambli Gleska”, which translates in Lakota, as spotted tail eagle.  The pendant pictured measures 8″ by 3″ inches and contains the night sky in the intricate details of the feather strands.  This season I have made 3 varying versions and sizes.  The pendant combines the energy of the eagle as symbolic of the great spirit and the spirit of the wearer. JJS Wambli feather-3

Also available at my flagship store The Nambe Trading Post and True West Santa Fe.

Big Feather Square