Welcome to the Jennifer Jesse Smith Jewelry portal!

Jennifer Jesse Smith



Creating a website is near to building a ship, navigating the waves of technological evolution,
a vast and ever changing sea…

For this artist buccaneer and tech nomad it has been a gigantic enterprise to set sail in this virtual deep sea!

Once aboard Jennifer Jesse Smith – Jewelry For The Soulful you’ll find all manner of exotic and
otherworldly treasures to compliment your very own odyssey~ your style and flow. As you adorn the moving altar of you, the unique magic and mystery of you,
 please take heart in the talisman that sparks deep within your dark,
 for that will be your lantern, which lights your spirit and guides your heart.

The Journey always begins in transcendent bliss~ so have no fear my dears!

Inside the ships “Jewelry Chest” you’ll discover many new designs and behold gold!

The adventures continues…. for there is much to find!


Very happy here Santa Maria Novella Firenze